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Reef rescue collective is a dedicated effort to provide long-term, consistent funding to organizations that are making an impact helping save our reefs. Donated funds are put into a Giving Vault that is designed to provide these organizations with reliable and consistent funding.

About The Collective

The Reef Rescue Collective donates to charities that are actively helping save the reefs through different approaches, including:


Research, monitoring and coordination of efforts to designate locations around the world as protected.


Reduction of local-level threats to reefs—such as pollution, sedimentation, over-fishing, or unsustainable tourism.

CORAL Farms and artificial reefs

Rebuilding and restoration of reefs using techniques such as coral gardening, artificial reefs and others.


Public education of products and practices that harm the reefs or are counter-productive to conservation efforts.

Charities & Organizations

Coral Reef Aliance

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) has used cutting-edge science and community engagement for nearly 30 years to reduce direct threats to reefs and to promote scalable and effective solutions for their protection.   More Details

The Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency uses a combination of creativity, technology, and powerful partnerships to raise the awareness and support necessary to help fast-track ocean conservation action.  More Details

Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian was founded in 2012, to protect and restore coral reef ecosystems by working hand in hand with local communities, and raising awareness among the general public.  More Details

More coming soon…

We are actively adding organizations to the Collective. Please reach out to us if you would like us to include a particular charity.

$14,032 Raised

Reef Rescue Collective

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What is a Giving Vault?

The funds raised by the Reef Rescue Collective are deposited into a Giving Vault that is designed to provide consistent and reliable donations to the organizations its supports. The Giving Vault uses investment accounts to maximize the charitable value and distributes the proceeds over a period of ten years.


Donations are invested in conservative strategies to maximize capital appreciation and reduce risk.


Organizations receive a long-term, consistent source of donations on a annual basis for up to ten years.