About Haven Charitable

Haven Charitable is a nonprofit public charity that administers donor-advised funds for individuals and organizations. Donors can use Haven Charitable’s donor-advised fund platform to make the most of their philanthropic giving.

Our Mission

To make the greatest positive impact, people need access to the proper tools. Haven Charitable was created to be one of those tools. By providing a platform that increases the effectiveness of charitable giving, Haven strives to maximize the impact that individuals and organizations have when giving to the charities they care about the most.

The global issues we face today are immense, but not insurmountable. Join us, and together we will build a better tomorrow.

Tree on Coast

Our Directors

Haven Charitable’s Directors are comprised of passionate professionals who are dedicated to improving the landscape of philanthropy. They share a common belief that it is our responsibility to inspire a better future.

Founding Directors

Barret Ayres Founding Director Haven Charitable

Barret Ayres

Thomas Shivers Founding Director Haven Charitable

Thomas Shivers

Eric Viavattene Founding Director Haven Charitable

Eric Viavattene


Colby Ayres

 Board of Directors

Donate to Haven Charitable directly.

Donate directly to Haven Charitable and support our mission of helping donors make the most out of their philanthropic giving.

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