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By using a donor-advised fund at Haven Charitable, you can maximize the charitable impact of your donations and make your philanthropy more effective.
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What Is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a charitable fund that is setup by an individual, trust or organization that acts as a centralized hub and investment account for philanthropic giving. Donors have the flexibility to make a tax-deductible contribution to their donor-advised fund whenever is best for them, and either invest the contribution or recommend donations to their favorite charities at any time in the future. Using a donor-advised fund provides more flexibility compared to donating directly to a charity and enables donors to take advantage of unique benefits that help maximize their tax deduction. 

  How Does a Donor-Advised Fund Work?

Once a donor-advised fund is established at Haven, donors can make charitable contributions to their fund and receive an immediate tax deduction. Donors then have the flexibility to wait and recommend grants over time to one or more of their favorite charities.  While the contribution is in their fund, it can be invested according to the donor’s personal preference and potentially grow, tax-free.

There is no cost to start a donor-advised fund. The setup is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. You can begin contributing to your favorite charities almost immediately.

Top Benefits of Donor-Advised Funds


Donor-advised funds are the fastest growing charitable vehicle in the United States. This is primarily because donors have access to a number of unique benefits that aren’t available when donating directly to a charity or to a private foundation. 


Unlike most charities, Haven can accept a wide variety of appreciated assets at full-market value. This includes cryptocurrency, publicly traded securities, private company stock, real estate, art, and other tangible personal property.



Donors receive an immediate tax deduction when contributing to the donor-advised fund. By donating appreciated assets directly, donors can avoid capital gains taxes which increases the value of their contribution.



With a donor-advised fund, the responsibility of administrative work is transferred to Haven. No matter how many charities a donor supports with Haven throughout the year, they will only have one tax receipt to keep track of.



Donations can be invested until they are granted to a charity. All of the returns earned by the investments are tax free and can be reinvested as long as the donor chooses.


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